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A preventive maintenance agreement (PMA) serves a critical role in keeping your HVAC equipment operating at peak efficiency. For commercial customers in Savannah, GA and the surrounding area, Bolton Air provides a variety of flexible service plans designed to optimize efficiency and help avoid a costly breakdown during severe weather. Most plans feature biannual visits in the spring and fall by one of our trained technicians who will perform a complete seasonal tune-up on your equipment.

Preventive Commercial Maintenance Services

Your HVAC system plays an essential role in your daily operations, so doesn’t it make sense to protect your investment with a commercial maintenance agreement? Here are some of the important services included in our comprehensive maintenance plans:

Spring HVAC Visit

  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Inspect safety controls and check system functions
  • Adjust the operating sequence if necessary
  • Rebalance supply registers to ensure proper airflow if appropriate
  • Inspect and clean motors and lubricate as required
  • Check electrical components and tighten loose connections
  • Inspect, test, and clean balance blowers as needed
  • Clean coils, condensate traps, condensate pans, and drain lines
  • Clean outdoor condensing coils and cabinets
  • Recalibrate thermostats and reset programs where appropriate
  • Test and adjust economizers and makeup air units

Fall HVAC Visit

  • Clean the burner assembly and remove accumulated soot
  • Inspect heat exchanger for cracks or breaches
  • Adjust gas pressure to the unit
  • Inspect and test the venting system
  • Adjust burners for maximum efficiency

Commercial Preventive Maintenance Benefits

Regular commercial equipment maintenance provides a variety of important benefits:

  • Lower Costs: In general, a PMA pays for itself through lower utility bills and reduced repair costs. Maintenance agreement customers also receive discounts on parts and other critical services.
  • Priority Service: When you purchase a Bolton Air commercial maintenance agreement, you’ll receive priority service even during extreme summer weather.
  • Extended HVAC System Life: Properly maintained equipment accumulates fewer runtime hours while providing the same level of comfort. This results in less frequent breakdowns and a longer lifecycle.
  • Service Continuity: When a service technician is familiar with your business and HVAC equipment, they can diagnose and remedy system problems more effectively. At Bolton Air, we always try and assign the same technicians to specific clients whenever possible.

Comprehensive Commercial Maintenance Plans

For companies in Savannah, GA and the surrounding communities, Bolton Air offers a wide array of flexible commercial maintenance plans. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of regular maintenance, call one of our friendly comfort specialists today. They can answer your questions and arrange an appointment for a free consultation.