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Gas Furnace –Savannah, GA and Bluffton, SC

October is a month for fall weather, Halloween and also Bosses Day. As you celebrate those who employ you, Bolton Air wants to celebrate you and also your hard work with a new Carrier Infinity gas furnace. Bolton Air is your Savannah, Georgia and also Bluffton, South Carolina Carrier heating and cooling team. Fall is the perfect time to install a new gas furnace or replace it before the winter weather is upon us. If your furnace is in constant need of repair, driving up your energy bills, or therefore not able to keep up with your demand you need a new gas furnace replacement. Bolton Air has you covered; now through the end of October, we have a great deal on the Carrier infinity gas furnace. Read below and see how you would benefit from a new Carrier Infinity gas furnace from Bolton Air.

6 Reasons for Carrier Infinity Gas Furnace –Savannah, GA and Bluffton, SC

  1. Innovation: Carrier has been providing technological innovations in heating and cooling products for over a century. The Carrier Infinity gas furnace features Greenspeed intelligence. This feature allows your system to make subtle adjustments from a modulating gas valve to an adaptable speed. This gives you quieter performance, better energy efficiency, and also high precision heating.
  2. Efficiency: The Carrier Infinity Series offers a wide range of high efficiencies that can reach up to 98.5% annual fuel utilization efficiency. This means you will receive a heating system that runs smoother, more efficient and also saves you money on your energy bills.
  3. Humidity Management: The Carrier Infinity gas furnace offers humidity management along with the Carrier Infinity System indoor air quality products. This is imperative especially in the south when Savannah and also the Bluffton fall weather are upon us. With Humidity management control, you get better indoor air quality that provides a healthy home.
  4. Recommended Control: The Carrier Infinity furnace system is full of quality and also comfort. It has recommended controls that includes comfort fan technology and also SmartEvap technology for moisture control. This gives you superior comfort all year long.
  5. Quiet Performance: The Carrier Infinity furnace system is one of the quietest models. It includes fully insulated cabinets and also fine-tunes performance. This means you get heated comfort with a record sound level of 38.4 decibels.
  6. 10-Year Limited Warranty: When choosing Bolton Air for your Carrier Infinity furnace system you get superior service with the brand name backing of Carrier and also their 10-year limited warranty. This means you get guaranteed comfort and also peace of mind.

Bolton Air Carrier Infinity Gas Furnace Installation –Savannah, GA and Bluffton, SC

Bolton Air is proud to be a veteran-owned heating and air services company. We offer the highest quality furnace installation on the coast of Savannah and Bluffton. Our technicians are NATE certified experts who are equipped with industry-leading technology, proven equipment, and also stellar service. We offer a free estimate with a comparative analysis for repair versus replacement, no credit check financing, and also 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. This October show your love and appreciation to the real boss, you with a new Carrier Infinity gas furnace. Contact Bolton Air today and schedule your Carrier Infinity gas furnace installation.