Commercial VRF Systems

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We specialize in VRF systems installation and repair.

Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems increase flexibility and efficiency with a smaller footprint than a standard air conditioning system.

These systems are can match your building’s heating and cooling demands. A VRF system utilizes a dual-pipe system for both heat pump and heat recovery, which means you can heat and cool different zones in your building at the same time. Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems typically take less piping and connections to configure multi-port distributions with indoor units.

With VRF technology, you can choose to heat and cool only the spaces that need it. These systems circulate the minimum amount of refrigerant needed for each individual zone, which means there is no wasted energy. Enjoy the ability to control the temperature for each heating a cooling zone for personalized comfort.

Benefits of VRF Systems

  • Simultaneous Heating & Cooling
  • Energy Efficient
  • Better Reliability
  • Great for Smaller Spaces
  • Zoned Heating & Cooling
  • State-of-the-Art Controls
  • Quiet Operation

VRF System Applications

  • Educational Complexes
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Historic Renovations
  • Hospitals
  • Mixed-Use Buildings
  • Multi-Family Residences
  • Office Complexes

March Air Reserve Base Case Study

Once a proud and productive tool of the U.S. military, the March Air Reserve Base had a problem. As part of a massive nationwide realignment that essentially shut down a number of military installations, it needed to find a way to continue serving its surrounding communities. One facet of the solution included a civilian airport featuring a 5,000 square foot terminal in the California desert.

Albert Einstein Academy Case Study

At the top of its list of core values, the Albert Einstein Academy charter middle school was created to “inspire a thirst for lifelong learning.” Also on the list is a desire to “promote and sustain a healthy global environment.” To achieve these, the charter school needed to create a comfortable indoor environment, and do it efficiently.

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